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Designing To Grow

Sometimes we put off investing in interior design or interior décor because our families are young. We know life will change. We know our kids are just going to keep growing, get a bit older and soon enough they will have outgrown what has been designed for them. It may not seem like a worthwhile investment.

While it's true that time goes fast, really fast sometimes. It's also important to focus on where we are now. Who we are now. The life stage we are in and what is going to work for us now. If we don't stop and invest a little into our lives now, they may just pass us by and before we know it our kids will be off to college or moving out. It's important to make our kids feel at home in a wonderful space suitable for them.

A good designer will plan for the future. It's important to create a space that grows with your family. A space that can be easily and affordably modified when your kids get older, or when your lifestyle changes.

Here's a playroom concept that could easily work for a little boy or a little girl. It's fun! It's bright and colourful. It encourages creativity and learning.

Playroom Design, North Country Design & Build

I realize that as your family gets older, the kids are at school most of the time. They get more homework. The toys get played with less and less. Video games and movies become more important. Having a place to gather as a family or be with friends becomes more of a priority.

As long as you have a good design base or foundation, it's very easy to modify your space. Check out this concept below. The Playroom can become a Family room without much effort.

Family Room, North Country Design & Build

The flooring is the same. The wall colour is the same. The lighting is the same. The loveseat is the same. Some of the accent pieces are the same. I have only swapped out a few key pieces. This gives the room a different function and completely different feel. This does not take a huge renovation, just some smart planning at the beginning.

Invest in your home, invest in the design. By doing so early you may save yourself time, money and effort in the future. You can provide your family with a great space that will grow as your family grows.

Send me an email, or give me a call to get started on your space.

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