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How often do you move your furniture? Do you move it once a year to fit the Christmas tree in for a season? Perhaps every spring you move it, clean under it and put it right back where it was? Maybe you move it a lot more often? Personally I tend to fall into the "a lot more often" category. I like to move things from room to room, finding new ways to display things, making our furniture and our stuff work for our family and how we are currently living and using the space. This tends to change seasonally.

I did this again, just recently. We are adding a puppy to the mix around here, and I wanted to make sure that transition was going to be as easy as possible. Since my boys are 7 and almost 4, nothing is really baby proofed anymore, and it definitely wasn't puppy proof. My main goal was to pull up the rugs for the time being (hopefully this is very short term, rooms need rugs), hide the cords, and not having any extra things laying around that could be fun for a new pup.

This is what was,

And here we are now.

Not really a big change, the whole process took me about an hour, including cleaning under everything. Hopefully this is better for the new pup.

Everything looks fresh and different again. My visual-spatial relationship skills are very strong, so I do not have a problem picturing things and switching them around in my head before I do the heavy lifting. If this is not one of your strengths you may want to take the extra time to measure things out and draw it on paper first. It could save you some heavy lifting. There is always more than one way to do things. Why not change it once and a while.

Bonus: It feels like something new and I didn't spend a dime.

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