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Adding Treasure

So how do you add antiques to your home and style it so it looks right? I'll show you three ideas. I love incorporating old antique items in my home. It's not too hard to come up with new ways to use old things. Be creative. I like things that have a story to tell, things with character, that have a beautiful worn patina and are maybe a little rough around the edges. The imperfect.

Recently I was gifted 3 new (old) items.

Since garage sale and antiquing season is upon us I thought I'd share a quick blog post on how I incorporated my new treasures. Hopefully it will inspire you as you are out this coming season.

Number 1: a little antique step ladder.

It's cute, it's sturdy, it's my new night stand. I don't keep a lot beside my bed and I have a wall sconce so no need for a table lamp. This gives me the perfect amount of space to set down a couple of things as needed.

Number 2: an antique wash board.

We are working on finishing up our laundry room, so I jumped at the chance to add this old beauty to my laundry room decor. It works with everything else I had going on in there. (side note: there may be a laundry room blog post coming up, you'll have to wait to see the rest of the room!)

Number 3: a copper wash bin.

Isn't is gorgeous? I love the old metal and unique imperfections. If I had a fireplace this would absolutely sit bedside it filled with firewood. How perfect would that be?! Since I don't, I will use it for extra throw blankets and pillows.

It's really that simple. Happy Treasure Hunting!

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