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Simple Christmas Tree Tip

Today, I am just going to share a tiny little simple detail a lot people over look when they are putting up their tree. Keeping this in mind can help you create a magical looking Christmas tree.

You need to create a sense of depth for a great looking tree.

To start, this is the order that I always follow when I'm putting up my tree. We have a fake one….it wasn't the most expensive tree and without it's decorations it does not exactly look super great.

Step 1 - build the tree & fluff (?!) the branches (that sounds funny…just spread the branches and try and create the most real looking tree you can) Of course if you have real tree you will start differently, the rest of the steps still apply.

Step 2 - test your lights before putting them on your tree. This will save serious aggravation later, because if you plug it in after your done and they don't work you're almost starting over.

Step 3 - wrap the lights around the tree pushing some towards the center as you go.

Step 4 - wrap anything else that goes around the tree, on our tree that would be the ribbon, glass bead garland, and the feathers.

Step 5 - Hang all of you decorations. I will elaborated on this part below.

Step 6 - Give her a skirt - put the tree skirt around the bottom.

Step 7- Put the star on top, or angel, or whatever you top your tree with. We have a star here.

Step 8 - plug it in, stand back and check her out!

Step 9 - Reward yourself with a warm drink and/or snack.

So the most important tip to create depth? It's really simple…hang some of your decorations in to the center of the tree and keep some decorations hanging out on the tips of the branches.

When you hang your ornaments just on the tips of the branches, this creates a one dimensional, kind of boring tree.

We want layers, we want interest, we want to create a magical Christmas tree. Hang some ornaments towards the center of the tree trunk, some towards the edges, and fill in the gaps. You can even have two ornaments on one branch. The same goes for Christmas lights. Push some of the lights in towards the center of the tree while keeping some towards the outside.

Don't forget to add your personal decorations, ones that mean something to you. My sister made each of my boys an ornament the year they were born. It's beautiful and meaningful.

I also like to fill in the center with round twig balls, larger Christmas balls, and this stuffed teddy. My Grandma gave him to me one year and he lives in our Christmas tree now. Kids especially get pretty excited when they spot him peeking through. It's fun, he's a surprise and that's part of the magical feeling.

By doing these things it creates a full looking tree, adds depth, visual interest and captures your attention as each place you look there could be another wonderful surprise. That's it, that's how you create a magical Christmas tree.

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