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  • Jen Schwindt

The Tree Stump Trend

So recently I decided to jump on board with this trend…

…in my own way of course.

I loved seeing all the beautiful tree stumps being brought in doors to be used as a side table, extra seating, or a stool. It's a contemporary, clean looking way to incorporate nature. It adds an organic shape, texture and look which is a nice contrast against some of the hard lines of our homes. They seem to be everywhere in design magazines, featured on décor blogs and all over Pinterest.

I know this is something I will move around and use in many different ways over the next little while. I know that it fits with my family's lifestyle, it won’t break, it can be climbed on, jumped off of, it's durable.

There are similar stumps available to purchase at many high end furniture and décor stores, however we decided to make our own. This stump has a story. It came from my parent's property. They woke up to a fallen tree across their driveway one morning. What was unfortunate for them, was kind of fortunate for me. Of course there would be better ways than being trapped in your home to get a tree stump of your own. My husband and I took a chunk of their tree home, scraped off the bark, sanded it down, sealed it, added tiny feet so it wouldn't scratch the floor, now here it is. Our very own tree stump table.

We personalized this one and made it our own. My husband used his wood burning tool and burnt into the side, it's perfect and personal for our home. I love to incorporate things that tell a story, things that are personal, natural, and versatile into my home. I'd encourage you to do the same. Be thoughtful about what you bring into your own home.

It was a way to follow a trend, but still in our own way and without spending a small fortune. If it becomes something I get tired of in the future, it wasn't a huge investment, so it's not a huge loss either.

Until then, I've been enjoying it and our family has been using it.

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