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  • Jen Schwindt

Oh Happy Fall!

I love the fall!

I will miss the warmth and sunshine of summer!

But I still love the fall.

There is something about the smell in the air,

the colours of the trees around you,

the cooler temperatures that allow you to cuddle up in a thick sweater again,

the leaves crunching beneath your every step,

the warm sips of hot chocolate,

and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It reminds us to stop and appreciate everything we have, everything we can be thankful for. No matter what there's always something to be thankful for. When you really stop and think about it, there are SO MANY things to be thankful for.

It's fun to fill our homes with reminders,

even just little things that make us think this way.

You can find beauty in almost everything around you.

Your fall décor doesn't have to be a huge change. You don't need to add the colour orange, and plaster pumpkins everywhere to get the fall feeling. (Unless you want to, then go for it)

Add some more throw blankets for those cool nights, add some candles for a warm glow as the evenings get dark earlier. Add texture, soft materials mixed with rough materials. Add area rugs. Add piles of books.

Make your home a cozy place, like your nest or cocoon, surround yourself with the things you love as you get ready for winter. Take time to slow down and appreciate all we have to be thankful for.

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