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  • Jen Schwindt

The Front Door

Well as promised I decided to paint the front door.

Here it is…

At the moment I have started a little fall decorating. I have gathered some corn stocks and burlap to create a quick simple vignette. These were all things I already had. I'm sure a pumpkin or two will be added shortly, or perhaps a potted mum. Changing your décor for the season doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, look around you and see what's already available.

For the welcome sign I used the same navy blue paint, a reclaimed board (ahem, from the old deck we removed) and some stencils. Very simple, and very easy.

The door is not really too much different than before, and it's still not my favourite style. But it's nice to change it once and a while and keep things fresh. Lately I've had a thing for navy blue, it's an almost neutral. It pairs well with the grey and whatever accent colour I decide to throw with it. Whether it be a sunflower yellow, a pumpkin orange, a Christmas red, or a fresh lime green.

Here's a shot with the storm door closed, really not my favourite but so practical in the summer.

What colour is your front door? Do you change it every once in a while?

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