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What does BCIN mean, who needs it, why is it important?

BCIN stands for Building Code Identification Number.

Anyone who is offering design advice or who provides drawings to the public, besides an Architect or an Engineer must have a BCIN to legally be a Qualified Designer in the province of Ontario.

In order to get a BCIN an individual must pass at least two exams. One must be a legal exam on the Ontario Building Code Act. The second is a technical exam in the individuals area of practice based on the Ontario Building Code.

In order to use this BCIN, the company or design firm must also register with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. It also means that the design firm carries at least the minimum applicable insurance required by law, as set out in the Ontario Building Code Act.

If you are planning a construction project you will need to get a building permit. In most cases in order to get a building permit you will need construction drawings to explain your plans and show what construction you are planning, and how the construction will take place. Unless you as a home owner are skilled in this area and have complete confidence that you know the building process and applicable laws it is wise to have someone with these qualifications prepare these drawings for you.

Having a BCIN means the individual understands the Ontario Building Code and can apply it to new building projects, whether it is a new building or renovation.

North Country Design and Build is a registered design firm with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Jen Schwindt is a qualified designer and has her BCIN.

If you have more questions on what this means, please don't hesitate to comment or send me a message.

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