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In the Garden

So I realize this isn't exactly a gardening blog and this isn't exactly a design/decor blog post, but in some ways how you plan your garden does relate to design. From my experiences I have learned that starting with a plan or a design is important (and I would not qualify myself as an experienced gardener or claim to know what I'm doing, I'm often calling my mom for advice, thanks Mom!). However, you need to research different components (much like planning your home) You need to consider size, scale, balance, repetition, colour, unity, functionality, the small details and the large overall plan, exactly like planning your home. You may even have a short term plan and a long term plan, both working together. Gardening takes times and looks to the future. If you don't plan and plant now, you won't enjoy the benefits or reward later.

We live in the "North Country" well North to some anyways. We live just outside of Parry Sound, in McDougall Ontario. We have a large deer population and they love to feast on our gardens, they are often joined by racoons, rabbits, bears, birds, bugs and other wildlife creatures. Also, something I learned through past experiences. Although seeing the wildlife around is awesome, it's does present its problems when gardening.

When we were planning our vegetable garden it was a fairly big commitment as we needed to put up a deer fence if we were going to have a chance at eating our own food. We have a large side yard where we are, and unfortunately not a very large back yard, meaning everyone driving by would be able to see our garden. This means it not only had to function, but also look good. No matter the location, the designer in me wanted it to be functional and beautiful anyways. *Side note: deer are high jumpers*

For all those who are curious this is our vegetable garden.

I'm hoping to share another photo with you in fall rejoicing in how well it's growing and all the food it's producing, but we'll have to wait and see. Gardening is a bit risky that way. Gardening combined with my gardening skills is a bit risky, may be the better way to put it. Thankfully I will have the help of my husband and boys to keep it maintained.

Here are a few of things we have sprouting up:

Some Corn

Some beans

Some blueberries

Some grapes, they are just just babies

And along the back of our yard we are fortunate to have a row of wild blackberries.

We also have a little herb garden. I love this little garden, it does not require much maintenance and it comes back each year, what more could a girl ask for? Fresh herbs, I guess.

No matter what project you are working on, it's important to have a plan. Set goals, do your research, and implement your plan. Keep in mind gardens can evolve, that's the wonderful thing about them. You can change the things that aren't working, pull out the plants you no longer want, add in new things. I love experimenting in the garden. It's typically not costly once you have the overall plan in place. You can also share plants with your family, friends, and neighbours. Splitting established plants (perennials) keeps them healthy. Just do your research first.

Does anyone else relate? Any gardening tips or gardening encouragement you'd like to share? I love learning and hearing new ideas. Share with us in the comments below.

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