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Moving up…

I work mostly from my home office. I also travel to clients houses or property. I love living close to work and my family and the flexibility that it offers.

Initially my office was in the basement…

This wasn't a bad place, it was quiet, and it was still one of the best offices I've had. However, it was still the basement. It was colder than the rest of the house (notice the space heater!), and there wasn't as much natural light.

Recently my children decided that they wanted to share a room. They actually begged and pleaded and convinced us that they should share a room. My husband and I were a little skeptical at first but want to encourage their friendship and brotherly bond. We started by just moving my sons mattress over. This lasted for just over a week and they were still convinced they should be sharing a room. So we said okay, you've convinced us. Knowing that nothing is permanent, things can always change, we allowed it. This left us with an empty room on the main floor of our house. After giving it some thought, it has become my home office.

I believe that when you have children in your home, you should consider their opinions and ideas. *Side Note: Now I don't mean give into their every wish and demand, or creating a mini play land that takes over your home and litters it with large primary coloured toys.*

If you have been following me on Instagram you will have noticed that I was up to something.

Here are a few pictures from my completed upstairs office:

My Dad built my desk when I started college, just over 10 years ago now. He is a talented carpenter and I still love using my desk. My monitor is up on a matching stand, ergonomics is so important, and we'll be sure to talk about that another day.

Most of my work is now done on the computer. I use AutoCAD for almost everything. However, I still can't let go of my drafting table. I spent too many hours working on it in college. There's something nostalgic about it.

We even planned a place for another family member to work from time to time. I love incorporating pieces with history or that have a story. This was my Mom's desk when she was a little girl, and the chair used to be my Dad's. It adds a sense of warmth and it's nice to see my son using it now.

It's been a great small change for our family. Sometimes rethinking your current space can make a huge difference. It has been more convenient, brighter, warmer, and makes it easier to get stuff done meaning a more productive and happier me!

Everyone is influenced by their environment, I would encourage everyone to make the spaces they spend the most time in suitable to their needs. Include pieces you love, things that tell a story.

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