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A New Purpose

A New Purpose

I love it when old things / junk / garbage/ the "unusable" becomes something new. It's so much more interesting when there is a story to your home, and when you have original decor.

Here are three projects created with old windows.

This is a very primitive cabinet we made using left over materials. The window came out of an old house in Parry Sound and was headed for the dump. We grabbed a few 2x4's and some left over scraps and put together this cabinet. It has character and works great for some display and extra storage in the dining room. It is very rustic. It is not an investment piece and did not cost much at all, just a little creativity.

Old Window - Cabinet 1.jpg

Old Window - Cabinet 2.jpg

Old Window - Cabinet 3.jpg

Something like this could also be used in an office for office supplies or books, in a bathroom for nicely folded towels and toiletries, in a kitchen as pantry storage, etc. It's not perfect and that's okay, that's actually the beauty of it.

Here is another old window. This one was a gift, it's a smaller old window turned chalkboard. It's fun to change the quotes with the seasons.

Chalk board2.jpg

Chalk board.jpg

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this picture I posted of another one. How cute is that on top of a fireplace mantle!

Old Window - Loved.png

I have another old window waiting for me to turn it into something beautiful….you'll have to wait and see what happens!

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