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The Town at Christmas

Setting up the town at Christmas has become one of our favourite traditions. It was talked about as much, if not more than setting up the Christmas tree in our house. My Mom has started a tradition of putting a new building or town piece in my stocking every Christmas. It started after the first year I was married, with the church. Years later the whole family is excited and waits with anticipation to see what will be added to our town on Christmas.

Christmas town.jpg

Some days I glance over and see the town we created. It's a joy to see how it’s grown over the years, just like our family has grown filling our lives with many memories.

Other days I find it has been a busier town then I expected.

Christmas town 2.jpg

There are days when little super hero's visit our town, when toy cars drive through and get stopped along the way, when an airplane or helicopter lands. Darth Vader has even brought his Storm Troopers through the town. I love that my whole family can take part in this tradition together. We can see the creativity from everyone's perspective, share in the fun, and enjoy the ever changing town.

I am normally a fan of really simple décor, however this is a really fun tradition for the Christmas season. After all, a home is about the family that lives in it.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas town 3.jpg

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